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Birthdate:Dec 2
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

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30 seconds to mars, accents, an abundance of katherines, apparently mind reading, being better than rhianna, being loud, brian regan, capslock, childabuseshipping, chrono crusade, confusing people, coryn, deadmau5, drawing, flush, franticshipping, gaming, gimp, gorillaz, graphic design, guardians of ga'hoole, guthix, house music, insomniac games, jak and daxter, john green, legend of the guardians, lord of the flies, monty python, naughty dog's crash bandicoot, neopets the darkest faerie, not bedbugs, not dramaqueens, okami, order of odd fish, paper towns, philadelphian accent, photomanipulation, pokemon special, pokémon, randomly breaking into song, reading, red dwarf, roleplaying, runescape gods exposed, sculpture, shipping everything, singing, singing in the shower, soren, spyro the dragon, stalking your threads, techno, trance, twilight the owl, typography, writing, wudder
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