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Updates on stuff and- Oh look a meme!

Hi, it's Rianna here to bring you another angsty po-

Actually no. Life's been pretty darn good, actually. Why? Well, Dad has behaved himself, for one. I might be excempt from my APES H final too; I'll find out tomorrow. You see, in my school if you have a 90% average in a class or higher and if you are a senior, you don't have to take the final for the class. I have an 87% average, and there are three assignments that have yet to be processed, one of which is a test.


Fingers crossed on that.

My friend and I have English together next semester and it's going to be fantastic. I have the cloud cuckoolander again for German three: fantastic. Last but not least, my art teacher is personally going teach me how to me how to airbrush shade Lady Gaga tomorrow: faaaaantassstiiiiiicccc~

The only thing not fantastic about the present, is that I burnt another finger on hot-glue today; my main finger I "hunt&peck" type with to boot. Though, it doesn't hurt that much- it's just a little tender is all.

And now ladies and gentlemen I present to you an extension of PD's latest Meme because I enjoyed myself, dammit:

Music Drabble Meme:

* Make a playlist of however many songs you'd like.
I'll be using my I-tunes playlist; however, you cannot select these numbers:


It's because those songs do not have lyics and I'd *dialtone* on them, or in the case of (111)- it's very dirty, lololololol.
* State the number of songs on your playlist we can choose from, and which characters you'd like to write about.


x Coryn [The Guardians of Ga'hoole]

x Nyra [The Guardians of Ga'hoole]

x Sly Cooper [Sly I: Thievius Raccoonus or Sly II: Band of Thieves timeline wise]

x Jak [Jak II:Renegade, or Jak 3.]

x Daxter [Jak Trilogy]

x Link [Twilight Princess... lololololol]

x Pretty much anyone from the RuSa Arc [Pokemon Special]

x The Rubys three: [livejournal.com profile] bedazzlingly, [livejournal.com profile] brbsalamence, [livejournal.com profile] herebesparkles 
^And anyone they've interacted with^

* STEP THREE:  People will reply with whichever character and/or pairing they want written (assuming you have more than one), and a number between the ones you specified. Prompts beyond what's described below are optional.

You can request more than one at a time if you want; it's not like there's much of you to deviate writing time too. :l.

* You will then write a drabble related to the specified song. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No cheating by lingering afterwards! For this reason, it's best to have a playlist you're familiar with.

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Jak 3 Jak + Link - 36

Jak 3 Jak + [livejournal.com profile] bedazzlingly - 102

BONUS: Xanxus + everyone on your list - 69


Jak 3! Jak, TP!Link Frgt/10 - (There's a rapist in...) Linkin Park

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Six feet churn up the grains of sand of the Gerudo Desert: cloven hooves of a bullbo and the talons of leaper lizard. Their two teen riders are thankful that whatever had caused the mirror to bring them together, at least did it at night, when the land was at it's coolest and when they could do their dirty work without too much notice.

Link disposed of obstacles a bow, piercing a few of the desert carnivores from above while the other pierced them with his foreign shotgun.

But as they got closer to the Arbiter's Grounds, they felt the pull of the tortured souls suspended in the strange half light haze over the ruins.

A wolf growls, a demon flexs it's claws; The battlefield would change very soon-- And then... I RAN OUT OF TIME!

Jak3!Jak, Canon!Ruby: Somebody Kiss My Smooth Romance- Titus Jones Mashups.

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If there's one thing Haven was famous for: it was its gritty urban atmosphere. This warworn city corrupted people, even those who were previously urban themselves. With money, food, and eco being so scarce; not to mention all sides of the city are surrounded by some of the harshest elements on earth: the people here are hardwired for the survival of themselves and their closest and not much else.

Ruby has been stranded in this city for quite a while, unfortunately, and that's why this certain Goldenrod teen was currently piss drunk. He's singing off key with the orange rat, and Jak snickers in his booth because this kid can hold liquor down about as well as his ottsel friend can: not at all.

"You. You think this is so funny? I'd like to see you sing this then! Not everyone can hold a stage!"

*And that's when Jak loses himself to laughter. To think, this kid was trying to flirt with him earlier...



Ruby is obviously older here, and everything after the asterisk was added to make it seem like it had an end, at least.

Coryn, Xanxus; Precursor orb rou- I mean bonus round! Raise Your Weapons - Deadmau5

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Coryn sees things, horrible things in the flames. His firesight is working at a galestorm force; he feels like his tawny feathers are lead weight: he's gone fireyeep.

His mother, and Phillip, and his da's brother: the things they've done and the things they will do as fiery images which he knows are true; fire can't lie like owls can. Coryn lets out a barn owl's screech of frustration at the visions of the Pure One's wrath.

Meanwhile, a Mafioso covers his ears, "Damn birds" he mutters. He hopes he won't have to spend another night outside by a campfire- this forest is cold.


I know you didn't read Ga'hoole, but basically Coryn was raised by tyrants who fed him lies, and he'd only discovered the truth of things after seeing visions from the flames created by a holy ember. Here, he see visions in Xanxus's flames of wrath and they're more... violent? But they do the same job, and he promply freaks out.

Hope that helps orz. I thought the had some kind of relationship going because "FIYAH!1"


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Wallace, [livejournal.com profile] bedazzingly, Winona and Sapphire - no.4

Nyra, [livejournal.com profile] brbsalamence & Link - no. 25

and because I like RuSa too much not to request it..

[livejournal.com profile] bedazzingly & Sapphire- no. 87
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okay what the. :| If you can't see the user it's bedazzingly~Ruby. wtf lj?

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You can hover over the bust and it shows the username, it's no problem ~ ♥!

Wallace, Winona, Sapphire : Fear Factory - Donkey Kong Country

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Though the association claims to treat every crisis with the same level of concern, this assignment still felt like a cakewalk in comparison to the super ancients fighting a few months back.

The two Gymleaders walked behind Sapphire through the darkened power plant inside New Mauville. Sapphire was determined to sniff out any electrode, voltorb, or magnamite acting as an obstacle between them and the fuse box which had been tripped thanks to children playing too roughly with the contraptions in underground city... again

A power outage, the Gymleaders thought, Well, at least it's a crisis we'll be solving in the children's eyes...

Re: Wallace, Winona, Sapphire : Fear Factory - Donkey Kong Country

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Lol this is awesome. I bet they're also thinking: why can't we get Wattson to do this? /derps

<3 also, that's right Sapphire. Go sniff them electric types out! o/

you omitted ruby though but that's okay because he'd probably be waiting at the entrance, not wanting to get dirty or fight anyways.
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(deleted comment)

Re: Nyra, Little!Ruby, TP!Link: Unknown Soilder - Breaking Benjamin

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....I want more of this. This was such an awesome combo choice i knewww iitttt. boo time limit. but you know this already because like, i'm talking to you right now /derps

Re: Nyra, Little!Ruby, TP!Link: Unknown Soilder - Breaking Benjamin

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idk why this is ABOVE the flashfic. Lj. wtf. again. also dammit typos :|
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Nyra, Little!Ruby, TP!Link: Unknown Soilder - Breaking Benjamin

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Link pulls the boy back with an arm and a small grunt of disapproval; Whatever that thing was up there, it wasn't safe for children to be playing with.

As if to affirm his suspicions, the creature twists her head upside-down in thought. "So, you must be Others?" she says coolly, but her eyes tell another story entirely- they glint with an eerie yellow light that makes Link uncomfortable. "How would you like to help me bring my people closer to Glaux?"

"... Glaux?" Ruby whispers quietly.


Ruby n' Sapphire: Points of Authority/99 Problems - Linkin Park & Jay -Z

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So, they were walled up in the secret base for the umpteenth time this month.

"I dun' understand this!" Sapphire complained. "If they wanted a good story, they'd realize we don't want to talk with em' by now. They should look somewhere else and stop followin' me. That's common sense, don't ya think?"

They'd helped save Hoenn; that deed didn't go unnoticed by Hoenn T.V. With Archie gone, other interviewers had been hired and moved onto the scene with gusto; they were hungry for a story, and often less considerate in their ways of obtaining it than Maryann or Tyler.

What better story to pitch than one of two kids helping out for the common good? Well for one thing, the elder of the two was a ham and more than a handful with the cameras.


"What?" he whined "I was preparing for the interview with Hoenn TV this afternoon."

Silence. Never a good sign, Ruby had learned.

"You, WHAT?! Why don't you just listen to me when I'm talkin for once, huh?"